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"I am 100% Satisfied with the roofing job done by Jason Payne"

I am 100% satisfied with the roofing job done by Jason Payne. Throughout the process, Jason was very thorough, communicating at each step along the way. I was honestly surprised with how quickly Jason responded to my questions. It was a rare experience to have such an accessible contractor based on previous experiences with other companies.
Juan G.

Integrity, Honesty & Transparency with Every Roof We Encounter

We understand that sometimes you don't know if a "problem" is an emergency or something that can wait to be taken care of... or even if it's a real problem to begin with! This is where finding a roofer with a track record of integrity is invaluable.

Our promise to you is 100% transparency on both the status of your roof and the potential solutions (if any).

We know it can be a little intimidating, not knowing whether or not the information your receiving is accurate, so scroll down to take a look at what we've done for other customers who were a little nervous as well before calling us!

Complimentary Inspections

Sometimes you just don't know if a problem is a problem... that's where we come in! All performed with honesty & integrity.

Services to Make Your Roof Sexy

Maintenance, repairs, refelts, replacements, installs, new construction and more! Keeping your roof sexy and safe.

Restore & Recoat Systems

Restore and recoat systems can be vital to your home, which is why we now offer 5 and 10 year systems!

Home Inspection & BINSR Reports

Having the roofing inspection and BINSR report done right is important! And one of the many things you can count on us for.

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About Jason Payne & State 48 Roofing
#SexyRoofStatus #JasonTheRoofer #State48Roofing
Born and raised in Arizona, serving the community he feels has given so much to him is what drives Jason on a daily basis...
Jason was brought into the roofing industry at an early age where he hit the ground running with his strong work ethic and "go-getter" mindset. Starting with simple admin tasks and running errands, Jason quickly fell in love with the business and soaked in as MUCH as possible from those around him... no matter how big or small the task!

A hard worker by nature, Jason quickly rose to the top of every organization he worked with, which culminated in finally fulfilling his dream of starting his own roofing company: State 48 Roofing.

Over the last 10+ years, Jason has handled EVERY aspect of the roofing business, from office work to being on the roofs himself, which makes him such an incredible and valuable asset to his customers. When it comes to roofing, Jason cannot be beat in knowledge, expertise, and most importantly care. 

He takes pride in his work, and personally guarantees that each job performed will be the highest quality possible. Think about it, what other roofing expert can you think of that makes sure each and every roof worked on is given #SexyRoofStatus ?!
When Jason's not taking care of his customers, he LOVES spending time with his wife and five kids...
If he's not on a roof, in the office or with a customer, you'll most likely find Jason with his family at a softball game, on the sand dunes, or out camping!

To his family, friends and customers, it's common knowledge just how much Jason loves helping others... and not just with their roof! 

Believe it or not, one of Jason's hobbies includes cooking! And not just for anyone. As he puts it, "Cooking for 2-10 people is kind of boring. The fun REALLY starts when you've got over 100 people!" 

And Jason literally puts his money where his mouth is. in 2019 alone, Jason has donated his time, money and energy to cook at events such as Teacher Appreciation Day (over 100 teachers), multi-organizational youth group event (over 300 teenagers!), and several religious group events near his home. 
#SexyRoofStatus #JasonTheRoofer #State48Roofing
ROC 325352
"Jason Payne and the Crew Over There, They Do A Great Job. I'm A Realtor... I Refer You All The Time, And I Will Keep Doing It."
David S.
"Last week a microburst hit the roof of my house. The noise it made on impact was terrifying. Luckily when I assessed the damage it was contained to 3 displaced roof tiles. I know nothing of roofing and was afraid that the exposed roof could cause further damage if one of our AZ storms hit. I reached out to many roofers and contractors to no avail. I was quite shaken and the customer service I received was appalling... until I called my neighbor to see if she had any recommendations. Shortly following our conversation, I received a call from Jason Payne. He was caring and professional and took the time to listen to my story. He asked me to send him a picture of the damage. He then assured me that the roof was secure and promised to be out to repair it the following week. I thought that the roof may need a tarp until the tiles could be replaced and Jason could have added that expense but he was confident it was not necessary. I received a call the following day to make arrangements for Jason to repair the roof. He arrived early on the scheduled day. The repair was completed seamlessly and the roof good as new. Thank you Jason for the excellent service and unsurpassed compassion. It is refreshing today to find an honest and caring individual in business because they enjoy what they do and do it well. If you need a roofer Jason is your man. I couldn't be happier."
Laura Clear
"Jason always goes above and beyond when it comes to customer care and fair pricing. He backs his work up after the job is done, always answers is phone and takes the time to answer any questions I have about roofs . . ."
Phil, Realtor
"I’m so grateful that I was introduced to Jason through another Realtor. I met him needing some urgent roof repairs for a client. Not only did he show up same day to evaluate, he walked my client through all of their options, thoroughly explained what was going on and worked his schedule to accommodate making the repairs that same weekend. they even finished early! He kept both my client and I updated throughout the entire job. I never wondered how it was going, I had pictures and messages to show me!!! I now confidently give his information to all of my clients and friends knowing his quality of work, prices and knowledge, combined with excellent communication is a WIN for everyone!"
Jody Kuhman 
“I live in Scottsdale and have had a leak come through my front window during strong rainfalls/monsoon for the past 2 years. I even had Farmer’s Insurance send out their preferred roofing company. After 4 different roofing companies sprayed water on my roof and did crappy patch up jobs, I finally asked a neighbor to refer me his best guy. I called Jason Payne and he came on time, and sprayed water on every level,......even went into my attic. Finally, he found exactly where it was coming from. He was honest and told me what I needed to do. I will never ever call anyone but him.”
Sylvia (Scottsdale)
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jason Payne for many many years. He is a professional, being meticulous and thorough with his quality of work. He has high standards and it shows. He does things the right way the first time. Jason shows up ready, gets the job done, leaving every client of mine happy. I consider him one of my dear friends. He’s such a great guy and I highly recommend him to everyone if you need any roofing. His positivity and zest for life are infectious! I have nothing but the best to say about him and his work ethics. Thank you Jason Payne for helping me. You have blown away my expectations with so many new roofs and repairs in my professional remodel, real estate business, and in my personal roof repairs as well!"
Stacey Crewse

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"We learned so much about our roof problem at our first appointment with Jason. He helped us choose the best option for a repair. The workers were very considerate and did a beautiful job. Would call Jason again in a heartbeat."
Doree Sharp
"The overflowing generosity continues! Jason Payne came through huge for I Support Jacob's Mission getting the new [donated] roof installed on this 10,000 ft community center. Jason, I admire your servant heart and you get all my roofing referrals."
Ty L.
“I recently bought a property, knowing it would need major roof work. Jason was extremely responsive, explained all of my options and had a crew working on the house in no time. The crew was professional and left the house looking great. Love my new #sexyroofstatus!”
Chelsea W.
"After a recent storm... Called Jason Payne. Swift response, evaluated damage, repair costs, scheduled repair. Work done high level of professionalism. Highly recommend Jason!"
Steve & Sandi DeWispelaere
"I highly recommend Jason Payne. Jason was very responsive and educational. The work was performed quickly and professionally. Great Job!"
Kevin Johnson 
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