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Keep Your Roof Sexy with the

#1 Referred Roofer in Arizona

Proudly Serving the Arizona Residential and Commercial Markets for Over a Decade

For Scheduling, Call/Text: (480) 268-4509 or (480) 698-4828

ROC 325352

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And Much More!

For Scheduling, Call/Text: (480) 268-4509 or (480) 698-4828

ROC 325352

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Complimentary Inspections

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Restore & Recoat Systems

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Roof Inspection & BINSR Reports

Ready to see what we can do to get your roof to #SexyRoofStatus?

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What Our Customers Have To Say...

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"I am 100% satisfied with the roofing job done by Jason Payne. Throughout the process, Jason was very thorough, communicating at each step along the way. I was honestly surprised with how quickly Jason responded to my questions. It was a rare experience to have such an accessible contractor based on previous experiences with other companies."

Juan G.

David S.

"Jason Payne and the Crew Over There, They Do A Great Job. I'm A Realtor... I Refer You All The Time, And I Will Keep Doing It."

Phil, Realtor

"Jason always goes above and beyond when it comes to customer care and fair pricing. He backs his work up after the job is done, always answers is phone and takes the time to answer any questions I have about roofs . . ."

Doree Sharp

"We learned so much about our roof problem at our first appointment with Jason. He helped us choose the best option for a repair. The workers were very considerate and did a beautiful job. Would call Jason again in a heartbeat."

Ready To Have The Sexiest Roof On The Street?

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